StitchPix / Zörk at Work site now really under development

NEW: A word about Zones and image circles

NEW: 13 routes to hardware stitching: available methods summarised and compared

Introduction to Stitching with a Zörk Panoramic Shift Adaptor

Sample lens spec page

Discussion forum
-- Latest news; user reports, opinion

Lens tests
-- Unique evaluations: Pentax v Hasselblad v Mamiya lenses on a 1Ds. Full image circle tests.Which system to buy?

Tips & Technique
-- Using L-Brackets
-- Upgrades
-- Alternatives

-- Stitching methods compared; image circle maps
-- Field of View calculators: How wide will my 67 45mm be on a 35mm sensor?

Beginners' Guide
-- Basic principles; parallax-free stitching
-- Buying advice
-- Zoerk literature: download PDFs

Samples & Gallery
-- View and download images

35mm Shift Lens Resource: Canon TS, Nikon PC, Schneider PC, Olympus
-- Reviews and tests
-- In use
-- Prices

-- Zoerk USA
-- Zoerk Germany
-- StudioTool / Sinar
-- Books

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